Lifestyle photoshoot in Dubai Jumeirah Beach shot with iPhone 8 by Arsi Koivula

On our Christmas vacation to Dubai I got a change to do some photography for local lifestyle brand Pineapple Stuff to use in their Instagram.

Because of the hectic life back home, I had decided to leave my DSLR camera home and focus on this holiday just taking it easy. So due to this decision, the shoot had to be made using only iPhone camera. So much for taking it just easy. ;)

I have to admit I was pretty nervous the day before the shoot since I hadn’t done any client work using iPhone but after scouting the Jumeirah Beach area I had quite focused pictures in my mind.

Pineapple Stuff is blogging about traveling and selling beach towels and trucker caps that are made in Dubai.
Our model for this shoot was Pineapple Stuff brand ambassador @annakaylife who is just a super nice girl to work with and a talented model. It’s always a big relief when the model knows how to pose.

Post processing was done using vsco iOS app, which has awesome filters especially on these type of images that are shot in bright sunlight. Also wanted these images to have same kind of toning that Pineapple Stuff have published earlier. Some minor adjustments was made in Photoshop.